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Know about co-living concept? Get acquainted with the Experts to acknowledge about co-living purpose and its manifesto

Welcome to emerging world of real estate which is leading to co-living era, To introduce this fast catching up trend in parts of the western world.

fundamentally ,co-living is a cultural distinction, as it can encompass many structural forms including rental ownership, urban and rural still, if it’s embodiment,co-living tends to be urban and integrated into a single building,house or apartment and the demographics tend towards 20-30 something professionals more than families,boomers and retirees.

Basically, co-living helps young professionals live with purpose and share their passion. Where,in a modern era not only to develop and cultivate urban lifestyle but adapt western culture that values openness, sharing and collaboration.

The Co-living manifesto are as follows:-

  1. Community alongside individuality
  2. Intentionality over apathy
  3. Openness and collaboration
  4. Sharing over consumption
  5. Inquiry and experimentation over the status quo
  6. Responsibility and action over cynicism and resignation

The purpose of co-living is to create a home environment that inspires and empowers its residents to be active creators and participants in the world around them. These environment cultivate collaboration and serendipity amongst residents and the extended community. Co -living houses enables sustainable lifestyle through sharing and efficient use of resource and space.

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